Raphael – The School of Athens

Forgive the cliché, but before all other works of art, I have to put Raphael’s Scuola di Atene forward as the piece that encapsulates most fully the sheer scope of Greek thought.

Raphael - School of Athens

Plato and Aristotle, the two pillars of ancient philosophy, are flanked by a host of philosophers, mathematicians, natural scientists, sophists and intellectuals. Even Alexander can be seen, and amalgamated beautifully into this milieu are the prevalent Renaissance Maestri who are to be most lauded for their renewal and immortalising of the classics.

I have this hanging above my desk, and if ever I am overwhelmed by the requirements of work, or feel weighed down in any way, to these figures do I look for motivation. What they produced I can never equal, but just realising the energy each mastodon of their field expended therein, I am reinvigorated to achieve.