Printout Greek and Latin Grammar Tables

I have put together a number of empty grammar tables to assist with the learning of Greek and Latin verbs, nouns and adjectives. These should be printed out as many times as necessary for the purpose of rote learning conjugations and declensions.

I shall add PDF files of these tables to be uploaded and printed as they are developed. Each file should pertain to a single verb, noun or adjective.
I find the process of writing out these parts of speech an immensely helpful practice – gruelling perhaps – but a necessary part of the learning process.

The myriad forms of each word may seem daunting, and are undoubtedly the monotonous pen strokes will be hard on the hand and the learner’s resolve, but muscle memory soon pays off. As soon as the grammar has entered the Classicist’s long-term memory, the hard part of the subject is over, and the resultant reward of tackling texts in their original language becomes ever easier.

I wish prospective philologists and linguists luck, and may these grammar tables be of some assistance.


Active Verbs Middle Verbs Passive Verbs Irregular Verbs


Verbs Adjectives Nouns Pronouns

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