The Cambridge Ritualists

I have stumbled upon the existence of an interesting group of intellectuals… The Cambridge Ritualists.

Their apparent fascination with the the Mythopoeic, and of course Ritualistic aspects of Ancient Culture, is certainly deserving of study. The works of the Ritualists’ members (G Murray, J E Harrison, F M Cornford et al.) merit further reading. The constant reference in literature to the Dionysian and Eleusinian Mysteries had more than piqued my interested before Nietzsche’s bold assertion that it was to they that the Dionysian ecstasy fled after the death of the Dithyrambs and High Tragedy.

James Frazer’s ‘The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion‘ seems a book with which to start when I have the time.

J W Turner - 'The Golden Bow' - an inspiration for the Cambridge Ritualists
Joseph William Turner’s ‘The Golden Bough’

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