Narcotics in Scythia

Talk of the ancient inhalation and use of narcotic substances is a fairly widely discussed topic in Classical Studies. With references abounding to the trance like states of Oracles and Prophets, the possession of Poets or Rhapsodes and of course, the clear propensity for wine the Ancients had, it’s with little doubt one can say that […]

Aristotle on Catharsis

Following my reading of Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy, I have become fascinated with the relationship between Philosophy and Art, namely Aesthetics, and the Metaphysics of Appearances. This is certainly an area I intend to explore more fully, especially Nietzsche’s controversial opinion that Euripides (through the machinations of Socrates) brought about the downfall of Tragic Art. In […]

The Cambridge Ritualists

I have stumbled upon the existence of an interesting group of intellectuals… The Cambridge Ritualists. Their apparent fascination with the the Mythopoeic, and of course Ritualistic aspects of Ancient Culture, is certainly deserving of study. The works of the Ritualists’ members (G Murray, J E Harrison, F M Cornford et al.) merit further reading. The constant reference in literature to […]