Lord Charles Guy Rodney Leach

Unfortunately passing away recently, this June, I’d like to draw attention to some of the merits of Charles Leach. Following his graduation from Oxford, whereat he read Greats, he pursued a career along the scholar’s road with a single-mindedness to do nothing otherwise. Not long later, he took the initiative to found a relief fund for the victims of 1956’s Hungarian revolution, and from here left academia for the world of finance and later politics.

Charles Leach
Charles Leach

However, in memoriam of this man’s considerable aptitude for Classics – in particular it’s languages – it should be noted with admiration that whilst at Oxford, not only did he pass with a first degree honours, but won all four prizes within both the Greek and Latin prose competitions. Such an academic achievement, and at undergraduate level, should not be disregarded, but instead stand testament to Leach’s talent, drive and creativity. It is no wonder he went on to garner such respect in such varied political, financial and academic circles.

Whether you agreed with the views he expressed publicly or not, he was clearly an erudite man, with a tendency to do what he genuinely thought best.

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