Welcome to Paideusis

Welcome to Paideusis. Let it first be established that this website is for the presentation of works and materials pertaining to Classics and PhilosophyTranslations, poems, essays and a poorly managed blog can be found here, as well as a jumble of other things. Navigation is largely link based from page to page, but a general menu runs along the top of the page, directing to the larger areas of the site. 

I am a Classics student, whose speciality is currently in Ancient Greek thought, but I’m in the process of widening my academic scope to the Roman world and beyond – keeping largely to literature and philosophy. Rather than keep my work to myself, I’m happy to share whatever I produce on a public platform. Whether that work is deemed good or bad, insightful or dull, even amateur publication is a satisfying thing.

That said, don’t come expecting Muses. This is not a place for me to pour forth my soul or unleash my creative fire. My only intention is to provide piecemeal offerings in classical, philosophical or literary thought.

In the unlikely event I attract a viewer, – welcome again – and I hope whatever appears proves agreeable to you.